Want to Speak and Consult in Dentistry?

Would you like more from your dental career?  Do you anticipate that your knowledge, skills and experience, if shared, could help other dental professionals and teams reach their goals?   Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a speaker or consultant in dentistry?

With time and experience in the practice, many dental professionals feel they have something to offer and would like to “give back” to dentistry while expanding their careers as business and thoughts leaders.   If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Could I do that?”, read on for pointers on launching your professional speaking and/or consulting business in dentistry.

  1. Determine Your Big Why: Clarify Vision / Define Your Plan

Before determining the who, what, where and how of your new business venture, ask yourself “why”.  Chuck Blakeman, author of , suggests that “why?” is the most important question in business.   Start by determining where you’d like to end up.  What lifetime goals will this business venture help you attain?  Build a business that supports your ultimate lifestyle by defining your goals up front and determine a strategic plan to guide your journey.  Blakeman’s book, a quick and meaty read, walks you through that process.

  1. Who, What, Where: Developing Content and Experience

Determine your training/speaking topics.   Choose topic(s) for which you have experience AND passion.  When there is a clear benefit for the learner, your passion will go a long way in “selling” your programs to meeting planners and potential clients.  Next, move your thoughts (course outline, notes, stories, etc.) from your head to your computer where you can more easily work with and develop the material.

Just get started!

  1. How to Get the Word Out: Tips for Marketing Yourself

Create marketing materials that highlight your programs and help differentiate them in the marketplace.  Every speaker will benefit from a well-written and designed speaker marketing packet and an effective website.  Examples can be seen at www.vanessaemerson.com/dental-speaker-marketing/  

  • Establish yourself as a leader in thought in your topic area by blogging, participating as a guest expert on webinars, or write a book or e-book.
  • Submit articles to industry publications
  • List with online directories. (directoryofdentalspeakers.com)
  • Nurture an active, business-focused social media presence.
  • Network with colleagues, meeting planners, editors and corporate vendors to help bring exposure to your programs and expertise. Two influential groups who offer opportunities for this networking through membership and their annual meetings:

For additional marketing tips, email info@vanessaemerson.com to receive a complimentary copy of The Dental Speaker eBook.  Use subject line:  “Comp eBook”

Allow the process to unfold naturally, step by step.  Do one thing today to move toward your goals.  Don’t let analysis paralysis take hold!    Don’t wait until your content and skills and marketing materials are perfect.

Reach out to industry consultants and speakers to ask for advice.  Look for a mentor.  You’ll find that dentistry is brimming with abundance-minded professionals who care and share, and who understand that together we can create a greater positive impact, influencing the quality of patient care and the success of the practice.


Originally published in Dental Products Report