The Cornerstones of a Successful Speaking & Consulting Business

Have you ever found yourself sitting in an audience at a dental meeting, taking in the speaker and the content and wondering… “Could I do that? HOW would I go about becoming a speaker or consultant?”

Over the past two decades supporting dental speakers and consultants and working one-on-one with 100’s of speaking clients, my experience has been that the most common question new and aspiring dental speakers ask is this: How can I grow my dental speaking and consulting business?

Know that others have traveled this path before you and have found success. If we could shine a light on that path, the answer to this question could be summarized in these four cornerstones.

#1 – Have a clear, compelling life vision and business strategy
No matter where you may be in the life cycle of your business today, ensure that you have done the work in these two areas. We must ensure that we are driving our bus toward specific goals, otherwise we are just driving.

To quote the Chesire Cat in Alice in Wonderland: “If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there.”

We must have a clearly defined life vision that you feel an emotional connection with. Similarly, it is essential that you establish a solid strategic action plan. These steps are covered in more detail in my book: So, You Think You Want to Speak in Dentistry. Email for a complimentary copy of the ebook.

#2 – Ensure the right tools are in place
There are essentials marketing elements and campaigns that every speaker needs in order to attract more business. At the Foundational Level: Speaker Packet, Website, Email/Print Campaigns. To view examples of these, visit:

#3 – Develop strong skill sets
You will go faster, further by investing in coaching and speaker development workshops and conferences. There are a myriad to choose from. Through Dental Speaker Institute, we have developed a Fellowship opportunity for dental speakers. Visit to learn more. Under the first menu tab “Fellowship” you’ll find details about the program as well as list of two dozen speaker development faculty members who offer courses and coaching to help you get started and to the next level.

#4 – Implement the right mix of strategies
As you begin to put the first three foundational cornerstones in place, start to simultaneously implement strategies that help you get noticed, booked and paid. Strategies such as positioning yourself as a leader of thought or key opinion leader by writing articles, being interviewed on a podcast, or creating social media content. There are a myriad of strategic options that could be employed. If you’d like to explore these concepts further, I’m happy to schedule a virtual cup of tea and a conversation with you. Please email me at to schedule our time together.

These four cornerstones are the driving force for Dental Speaker Institute and our annual JUMPSTART conference.

Dental Speaker Institute offers programs that can help you guide each of these 4 pillars into place, including our annual speaker development conference called JUMPSTART each January. This 3-day conference offers unparalleled education and networking opportunities with colleagues, sponsors, industry VIPs and meeting planners. Educational sessions focus on presentation skills, content development, and the business of speaking. Visit to learn more about JUMPSTART.

Success leaves clues. Others have traveled this path before you and have found success.

Whether you are an aspiring or advancing speaker, if you’d like your speaking/consulting business to grow and expand ensure that you have these four cornerstones solidly in place.