Considering speaking & consulting?
Want to consciously transform your workplace culture?
Seeking to improve balance, ignite joy and experience fulfillment…

I can help.

Dental Speaker Vanessa Emerson

If you're considering starting a speaking & consulting business
are seeking to improve balance, ignite joy and rediscover fulfillment…

I can help.

So.. You Think You Want to Speak/Consult?!

What You Need to Know & Do for Success

Have you ever sat in meeting, watching the speaker, and wondered, "How do I do that?"

Or perhaps you feel the desire to share your knowledge by consulting with businesses and professionals to help them elevate their success and are just not sure how to get started.

You’re not alone! Many professionals grow to a point in their career where they would like to give back to the profession while continuing to stretch themselves and create additional business opportunities in the process.

Learn how to get from here to there:  Drawing from her 20+ years' experience as a speaking/consulting business advisor and marketer, Vanessa will share the foundational tools, skills and resources required for launching a speaking and/or consulting business that gets you noticed, booked... and compensated!

From Setback to Success

The Promise of Conscious Choice-Making

Don't react.  Respond.
Transform challenges into stepping stones for success by mastering the art of conscious choice-making.

In fast-paced, high-stress professional environments, our ability to make conscious, empowered decisions is more critical than ever. In this course, professionals learn how to identify and embrace conscious choice-making, take radical responsibility, and turn challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

The skills and insights gained in this course have far-reaching applications, from improving team dynamics and resolving conflict to fostering a culture of mutual respect and ethical conduct. Through a blend of theory, practical exercises, and reflective practices, participants will be guided in cultivating awareness, resilience, and a proactive mindset, empowering them to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace with grace and effectiveness.

This course isn't just about learning;
it's about transforming.

From Exhausted to Empowered 

A Professional's Guide to Thriving

Professionals often feel the weight of stress, burnout, and an imbalanced lifestyle. It's time to break free from exhaustion and reclaim your power!

Lifestyle medicine meets dental practice in this transformative course. Chopra Certified Health & Meditation Instructor™, Vanessa Emerson, FDSI, shares practical strategies that dental professionals can employ to restore balance, ignite joy, and rediscover fulfillment in their professional and personal life.

Through engaging discussions and hands-on activities, we will: Explore techniques to prioritize self-care and manage stress. Evaluate the impact that our daily choices have on overall health, well-being and relationships. Assess your relationship with the fundamental pillars of health/wellbeing (nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle.) Discuss the mind-body-spirit connection and its relevance to well-being. Develop a rejuvenation plan to enhance overall well-being and restore balance.

Join us on this transformative journey and discover how to reclaim your passion, restore balance, and thrive personally and professionally.


  • ADA’s Conference on Dental Meetings (multiple)
  • Academy of Dental Management Consultants (multiple)
  • Chicago Midwinter
  • Connecticut State - Charter Oak Dental Meeting
  • Dental Festival (multiple)
  • Expansion Experience (multiple)
  • International Association of Dental Specialists
  • JUMPSTART Annual Conferences (multiple)
  • OSAP Annual Session Consultants Preconference
  • Prosperident Annual Meeting (multiple)
  • Self-sponsored 1 & 2 day speaker development workshops (dozens)
  • Side Gigs Summit
  • Speaking/Consulting Network (multiple)
  • WEvolution Annual Conferences (multiple)

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Dental Speaker Vanessa Emerson

Learn more about Vanessa’s presentations for dental speakers/consultants!

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Save on speaker travel/lodging expense by bringing Vanessa’s presentations to your membership remotely. Ask about options for virtual presentations!

Rave Reviews

"If you have a dream of becoming a dental speaker, it is not as easy as writing a course and putting together objectives. No one knows dental speaking better than Vanessa! A huge shout out to Vanessa Emerson for an outstanding learning experience!"
- Dr. MJ Hanlon

"For the dental speaker & consultant who is ready to clearly define WHERE they are going and HOW they are going to get there while also knowing the ways to streamline and make their business easier and more profitable, Vanessa is your guide!"
- Katrina Sanders, RDH, BSDH, M.Ed, RF

"Vanessa's course helped me discover areas missing in my business growth that were right in front of me. I came away with a fresh look at my business. Fired up and ready to go! If you want to transform your business and create new pathways to grow, I highly recommend learning from Vanessa."
Anne Duffy

"Today I began implementation of my marketing plan. Vanessa's program gave me all the tools I needed (including motivation) to stop thinking about and start "just doing" what is necessary to get our business to the next level. 'Thank you, Vanessa' will be true on Tuesday!!"
Dr. Kim Harms

"This course is exceedingly worthwhile to attend! Vanessa is a masterful guide and wonderful at meeting each person at their level and working from there. This is a “don’t miss” opportunity for the dental speaker/consultant looking to clarify their path and grow their business!"
Brandi Hooker Evans, RDH

"Vanessa Emerson is a masterful and generous trainer. She has years of experience as a meeting planner, speaker and coach and truly wishes to impart her years of experience with each speaker and doesn’t hold anything back! Bravo to Vanessa!”
Dr. Ronni Brown

"Vanessa shares from her 20 years of work in the field of lecturing, consulting and marketing our skills. Grateful I had the opportunity to attend."
Dr. Larry Stanleigh

“Whether you are an aspiring or developing speaker, Vanessa's program is the one-stop-dental-speaker-know-it-all course meant just for you! And you’ll learn it all from THE name in the dental speaking industry. Vanessa wants you to succeed!"
Karen Daw, MBA, CECM

"Vanessa is the real deal with it comes to developing marketing tools and executing strategies to fill your speaking calendar. She will provide you with what you need to know and what you need to do in order to have more impact and influence with the people you serve best. Count me a fan!”
- Mark LeBlanc, CSP

“I have attended Vanessa’s seminar on how to become an excellent dental speaker. She is on top of the game and has, without a doubt, one of the best marketing brains I have ever come across. I value her ideas and advice. She has certainly helped bring my speaking to the next level.”
- Dr. Bruce Christopher

Vanessa is the ‘go to person’ for marketing and management of one’s speaking career. She is articulate, creative and ultra-talented in speaking, writing and helping speakers and consultants narrow their niche and develop their brands. She is a speaker who makes a huge difference by ‘connecting the dots’ for other speakers, consultants and authors. Those who listen and apply her principles will flourish!”
- Linda Miles, CSP, CMC

“This was hands down one of the best courses I’ve ever attended. I would recommend learning from Vanessa to any speaker no matter where they were in their speaking career!”
Dr. Laura Schwindt

"This course was invaluable for me! From putting together my speaking and consulting marketing materials, to strategies for gaining more clients, to avenues to broaden my profit centers, Vanessa helped me to think outside of the box."
Amie Spurlock

"This course is thorough, comprehensive, and given by an expert who knows what she’s doing. Just do it!!"
Dr. Alan Stern

"Wow! What a ride! So much good stuff. Hardest part is deciding what to do first. Time to get to work!!"
Dr. Dave Striegel

"This course was a 5-Star-Purple-Cow-Wow! It was remarkable in a truly amazing way."
Dr. Bob Pick

"This course exceeded my expectations!"
Dr. Joy Poskozim

“This was such a fantastic day! I feel so much clarity about my path forward! What an amazing group of humans to learn from and mastermind with!" #pumped
Samantha Jones

"Vanessa brings many years of experience as a business advisor and meeting planner."
Jodie Pearson

"It is so easy to connect with Vanessa! I received tangible examples and formulated goals to move forward immediately in building my business. This course exceeded my expectations!"
Chrissy Ford, RDH, BScDH

"Informative. Generous. Precisely what I needed. Vanessa is a wonderful example of teaching by example."
Janet Simpson, RDA

"I would tell anyone thinking of attending that it is less like sitting in a classroom and more like meeting up with a friend to talk about work. Vanessa has such a warm, friendly manner that made me feel so welcome!"
- Lori Underwood

"I have had the pleasure of knowing, and working with Vanessa Emerson for about five years. She has been a tremendous help to many speakers, for a long time. Every time I see her speak, I am impressed by the excellence of her content and her ability to hold her audience’s attention. Don’t let her soft-spoken delivery fool you; Vanessa is truly a giant in her chosen niche."
- David Harris, CFE, CPA, CMA, CFF, MBA

"Vanessa Emerson is THE industry expert in becoming a successful dental speaker.  Her presentation was warm, funny, and engaging while simultaneously driving home her key points in a way that was crystal clear and easy to implement.  I left feeling encouraged and motivated to take my speaking career to the next level. I would highly recommend this lecture for anyone looking to enter into or advance their speaking in this industry and I would highly recommend Vanessa Emerson as a speaker for any meeting who wants to showcase interesting and cutting-edge speakers!"
- Katherine Eitel Belt

"It was well worth my time in listening to your brilliance. You have a knack for bringing wonderful people together and providing great information."
Sharon Dolak, MDR, RDH

"Not a minute felt like ‘wasted’ time spent. The ideas, feedback and resources received are invaluable!"
Robyn Ramirez, RDH

"If you are looking to be or improve as a speaker or a thought leader, take advantage of Vanessa’s wealth of information, experience and the generosity she pours out to each audience!"
Dr. Tony Matheny

"If you want to speak in the dental industry, Vanessa Emerson is where you need to begin. She knows the ins-and-outs, including how and who to help anyone get started."
Dr. Hana Hobbs

"Vanessa provides positive encouragement as well as a wealth of knowledge. This course will not only transform your business it will transform your life goals!", FAADOM
Jonny Workman

"This course is a great place to learn the information you need to know as a dental speaker. I received so much great information! I have multiple lists of things to implement!"
Barb Stackhouse, RDH, M.Ed.

"Vanessa's course offers a real "nuts & bolts" view into the business side of speaking & consulting. This course certainly re-ignited my vision and strategic plan."
Dr. Paul Caselle

"Vanessa changed my life the moment I met her. Her JUMPSTART conference changed my life! This course just took me three levels higher!!!! This is an absolute must for anyone who wants to learn how to grow their speaking/consulting business, HANDS DOWN needs to take this workshop!!"
Tonya Burns

"Three words to describe this course are guidance, connection and empowerment. Vanessa has an authentic approach to business and that comes through in her teaching. She connects the dots and the speaking community."
Lani McBeth, RDH, BScDH