Speaker Packet Creation:  Virtual Workshop

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What does your speaker packet SAY about your presentations?

vanessa emerson

Learn what you need to know and what you need to do to create an effective speaker packet!

Wish you knew the formula for creating a speaker packet that gets you noticed and booked?

If you've found yourself scrambling to pull together your course description(s) and bio after a planner requests that you to send over your Speaker Packet - or if you want to be prepared before you are asked - join us for this power-packed virtual seminar!

Vanessa will share tips and tricks to help you create an effective speaker marketing packet.  She will also actively coach each participant and we'll learn together through participation and observation.

Join us for this essential seminar to:
  • Discover which specific elements your speaker packet must contain
  • Learn simple yet effective formulas for creating copy that is guaranteed to grab the planner's attention
  • Explore examples, resources and tools to help you create your own speaker packet
  • Identify the next steps: once your packet is complete, now what?
  • … and more!
    Your registration also INCLUDES a 60-minute virtual coaching session after the workshop!

    Create a speaker packet that sets you apart.

    2021 Virtual Workshops

    7am - 3pm Pacific / 10am - 6pm Eastern

    3 hour morning/3 hour afternoon (2 hour lunch)

    This is a LIMITED ATTENDANCE event. 
    Register early.

    May 21, 2021

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    Tuition: $ 600

    ALL participants will be coached during the session.  Bring your existing speaker packet or your draft/outline/whatever you have now.  We will work with your content and helping you move your packet forward.

    Learn how you can differentiate your programs in the market.

    "I recommend the speaker creation workshop to anyone serious about wanting to speak in front of any group. It is so important to have a professional speaker packet that gives the meeting planner everything they need to make a decision on whether to book you or not. It is a reflection of not only your content and experiences, but it reflects on how professional you are as a speaker! Vanessa is a very knowledgeable, caring and generous host who truly cares about the success of her students. I am a huge fan of her and her companies!"
    - Dr. Tony Matheny

    If you are serious about marketing your speaking courses, the “insider” knowledge that Vanessa so generously shares, real-life examples and personalized attention make this a no-brainer-must-do!"
    - Robyn Ramirez

    "The workshop helped me get a clear understanding of what a great speaker packed should contain and how to format it. The interaction with the others in the group was valuable and felt like a true Mastermind. Vanessa’s knowledge, expertise, and experience with helping so many create an effective speaker packet was evident and I felt like she really cared about our success!"
    - Dr. Laura Schwindt