Speaker Packets – Mail or Email? Or Both?

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CH from Arizona writes:

“We are curious about your thoughts on Speakers Packets:  which is better?  Print and mail?  Or send electronically?  Or both?”

Dear CH,

Since 2001, I’ve tried multiple methods for dispersing speakers’ marketing packets.  Following are my thoughts/recommendations:


Print and Mail

Mailing unsolicited speaker packets generally doesn’t provide the results you’re looking for. Most of these packets end up in the garbage (per meeting planner feedback). Additionally, it’s rare that meeting planners will request a paper copy of your materials. Most planners want to be able to visit your site and view/download your speaker packet items (course descriptions, bio, list of previous/future presentations, testimonials, etc.)  Some speakers find success with targeted, limited mail campaigns.  Something low cost (perhaps a postcard) and sent in small batches.  Move slowly and carefully with mail.  It can become pricey quickly!


Dialing for Dollars

Making phone calls to meeting planners typically returns very slow results. Unless you know that the planner is hiring for a meeting at the time of your call, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to reach back to the planner at some other time in the future.  The best strategy for phone call campaigns would be to call the meeting planner, ask if you can send your materials (verify contact information) and then follow up again via phone after the materials have been sent.


Email Marketing is King

We’ve experienced the most success with email marketing campaigns. Use a reliable, low-cost email marketing service (like Constant Contact). Create an email campaign that mirrors your speaker marketing packet. Mail this campaign every 2 – 3 months. Review your opens and “click through” results. Then reach out to those planners that have clicked on your email campaign. They are more likely to be hiring at this time and have already shown interest in your programs.


Has the pendulum swung on email marketing to dental meeting planners?

10 years ago no one was emailing meeting planners.  Today, many speakers do.  In today’s environment, I encourage a dental speaker to consider both email AND print mail.  Your mail piece should be small, grab attention, and answer the following questions:

1)  What is the problem/pain?

2) How do I resolve that problem/pain?

3) How is my presentation different/how do I differentiate as a speaker?

Want help deciding which marketing option would be best for you? Email info@vanessaemerson.com to schedule your complimentary consult today!


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