Sharing Marketing Materials with Scouts

EM from Arizona writes:

I will be presenting several programs at the upcoming ADA meeting.  That is a great meeting for scouts.  I plan to print copies of my Speaker Packet.   How many would you recommend I print? What kind of paper? Stapled, clipped or in a nice folder (how to display)?  Any other thoughts?


First of all, congrats on the ADA gig!  You are correct that this is a great opportunity to be in front of scouts.

I recommend HP Premium Choice Laser Paper (32 lb., 98 bright).  It’s glossy, heavy and when you print on a laser printer it appears professionally printed.  I typically insert the speaker packet into a nice quality  folder (the same basic style  you would use for your research paper when you were in school – pockets on right and left and a spot for your business cards.)

However, in my experience at ADA, it’s best to bring something SMALL for the meeting planner to take with them, such as your business card.  Some speakers copy their marketing packet (presentation information) and demo video on a jump drive (something easy to drop in a pocket or purse and bring home on the airplane, and has enough value they won’t likely just toss it away).  A great resource for this is

Regarding number of packets, I anticipate a few for each of your courses should be sufficient as long as you also have several jump drives loaded and labeled (or attached to your business card).

Typically, a room host will watch for scouts for you and hand out your info if you ask them to.   (Be sure to bring a nice thank you gift along with you for your room host.  Perhaps a gift card?)