Send Speaker Packet… If It Wasn’t Requested?

DE  from North Carolina asks:

Should I send my speaker marketing packet to meeting planners, even if it wasn’t requested?

Dear DE,

There are multiple scenarios in which it would be appropriate to share your speaker packet for marketing purposes.  Following are the most effective methods:

When introducing yourself to a meeting planner in hopes of being considered for a future speaking engagement, CALL to ask about their event and establish their interest in your topic(s).  SEND your materials at an equally agreed upon time. Then CALL in follow up.

E-mail marketing is another viable method for getting your presentation information in front of meeting planners. In this scenario, the speaker uses an e-mail marketing service  to develop a campaign which mirrors their speaker materials. The e-mail campaign is sent to meeting planners every 2-3 months.  This is an effective method for gaining exposure, remaining top of mind and getting booked.

Both of the above methods require that the speaker have access to a Dental Meeting Planner Contact List.   The most effective contact list will always be the one that you create from your own contacts, clients, leads.  In the meantime, lists are available for purchase.

Most speakers won’t benefit from a mail campaign.  They are costly, must be unique and should be sent to a clearly defined target audience.  It’s difficult to recoup marketing costs on an unsolicited MAIL campaign .   It is more effective to CALL before mailing (or emailing) speaker marketing materials.


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