Securing Sponsorship

Honorariums continue to grow, while dental meeting budgets seem to increase at a slower rate!

Many speakers enjoy relationships with companies who sponsor subject specific presentations. More speakers are reaching out to corporate sponsors to help them bridge the gap between the meeting’s budget and their honorarium. (In this model, the sponsor pays the speaker directly.) Most experienced meeting planners can provide you with a list of the areas in which they are able to provide value for your sponsor.

When approaching your potential sponsor(s), be realistic in your expectation based upon the size of the meeting and the demographic. A room of 100 dentists (decision makers) will usually be more attractive to sponsors than a room of 100 team members.

Provide clear, brief, and specific proposals to the companies you approach. No form letters.


Sponsor Letter Template to get you started.


Provide all the details the company will need to make their decision, such as:

  • Speaker Name
  • Meeting Name, Location
  • Presentation Topic(s)
  • Dates, Times
  • Anticipated Attendance
  • Demographic of Audience (What percentage will be decision makers?)
  • Will the sponsor be allowed exhibit space? A booth? A table at the back of the room? Representation in the room? (What’s In It For Them)

Once sponsorship is agreed upon, send detailed invoices by e-mail. Include the expected timeline the invoice needs to be paid.

When one sponsor cannot meet the full honorarium, co-sponsorship is generally accepted… Just be sure that the co-sponsors are not in competition!

In this model, sponsorship is paid directly to the speaker. Ensure your contract indicates this fact to eliminate any confusion.

If you are just starting to develop sponsor relationships:

  • Make a list of the products and services that you already recommend that are tied to your subject matter. For instance, a presentation about financial arrangements might be sponsored by CareCredit.
  • If you’re having trouble thinking of possible sponsors, visit the websites of dental meetings to see who is sponsoring.
  • Network! Approach these companies and let them know you are a raving fan. Build a relationship. Send business their way. Give them an opportunity to hear your presentation to learn more about your content and whether there may be a good fit. Most importantly, let the relationship grow organically, don’t push and be sure to give back.

If you’d like to learn more about securing sponsorship or have other questions regarding honorarium or meeting planner communication , email for your complimentary consultation: