Ready? Set? Market! It’s THAT time of year again!

It’s the time of year where meeting planners ramp up their efforts to find speakers for their meetings and build out their curriculums.

What are you doing to market your speaking programs?
Have you created that all-important speaker marketing packet?

Do you know what a speaker packet IS?



If you’ve found yourself scrambling to pull together your course description(s) and bio after a planner requests that you to send over your Speaker Packet – or if you want to be prepared before you are asked – join me for a virtual workshop where we share the formula for creating a speaker packet that gets you noticed and booked.

In Speaker Packet Creation, I will share tips and tricks learned in over 20 years marketing speakers that will help you create an effective speaker marketing packet. I will also actively coach each participant and we’ll learn together through participation and observation.

You’ll learn about the other marketing materials and strategies that will serve you well in attracting clients and planners, including consulting flyers, welcome emails, text-to-join, thought leadership campaigns, and more!

Register for our September 10 zoom meeting to:
• Discover which specific elements your speaker packet must contain
• Learn simple, effective formulas for creating copy that is guaranteed to grab the planner’s attention
• Explore examples, resources and tools to help you create your own speaker packet
• Identify the next steps: once your packet is complete, now what?
• Explore other essential marketing materials and strategies

Your registration also INCLUDES a 60-minute virtual coaching session after the workshop!

If you’re ready to create speaker marketing materials that sets you apart, learn more at

This is a limited attendance workshop. ALL participants will be coached during the session. Bring your existing speaker packet or your draft/outline/whatever you have now. We will work with your content and helping you move your packet forward.
September 10, 2021

Only $450 with EARLYBIRD discount code (through August 15)