Position Yourself as a Thought Leader: Inspire Success While Expanding Your Market

Thought Leadership Marketing is the most effective marketing technique for dental speakers and consultants.   It can bring you new consulting clients, help you book more speaking engagements and sell more product.

Thought leadership campaigns open doors and build trust. It enables businesses to sell without selling. It also provides an opportunity to differentiate your products and services (stand out from the crowd).

Your Thought Leadership material is…

  • based on your consulting and speaking educational content.
  • produced at an interval (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).
  • an article, a video, a list of tips… whatever format works for you.

You do not have to blog. But DO if you enjoy it. Especially if you are writing an article for your monthly email newsletter, be sure to post it on your blog. There’s no additional effort required on your part and it brings additional exposure.

If you would enjoy creating short video  clips that share a message, DO it! Video allows the meeting planner and potential client to see you. It helps them get to know you and to gain confidence in your abilities. Incorporate video clips into your emails and blog posts. (Similar with audio clips and teleseminar/webinar recordings.)

Tips for creating an effective campaign

1. Identify the issues that concern or excite your intended audience. Topics where you can offer new and compelling solutions and ideas.
2. Ensure that the content is interesting and that it is about “them” and not “me”.
3. The most effective campaigns will incorporate the personal touch with human interest stories and examples. Share stories from your life and business experience. This helps create the know-like-trust factor..

Your campaign will be most successful when you give your information away.  But, there should be a strategy for converting interest in your ideas into revenue.

  • Be sure that meeting planners are included in your email lists so they receive your newsletters.
  • Repurpose the articles from your blog into an ebook or actual book.
  • Repurpose your articles into a brief video where we can see you delivering your content.
  • Post your video on social media.
  • The possibilities are endless…

It’s time to share your message! Dentistry needs your unique ideas. If you’d like to learn more about initiating or maintaining your Thought Leader Campaign, email vanessa@vanessaemerson.com.

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