Vanessa Emerson

Photography Guidelines for Speaker's Photo Session

Thank you for working with us to create the perfect photos for use with your client's marketing materials!

We are seeking quality images that showcase the speaker’s brand and personality. We have a few unique needs that help us meet the design requirements of the marketing materials.

Thank you for reviewing and utilizing the following guidelines to help us meet this objective.

Before the Session (for the SPEAKER):

  • Select 2-3 outfits (or change of jacket/shirt). At least one outfit should be your best business outfit (dress as if you were presenting for a major meeting.) Other outfits could be varying degrees of business casual.
  • Colors should be a good match with your brand colors (think logo, website, etc.)

Before the Session (for the SPEAKER and PHOTOGRAPHER):

  • Choose interesting locations with backdrops (brick wall, fountain, book case, etc.) or outdoor natural setting.
  • Keep the setting "on brand", when possible.  Seek settings where the speaker can be shot “in their environment”, ie, a dentist in the dental operatory treating a patient, or a consultant working with a front office team.

Camera / Photo Set Up:

  • Please shoot FOR PRINT (300+ dpi large files.)  High resolution JPG (or TIFF) files work best for your edits later.
  • You will provide the photo edits per your agreement with your client.
  • Please never shoot in FULL SUN and ensure speaker's eyes are not squinting from outside light.
  • Similarly, be sure to use flash when appropriate to avoid dark images.
  • Please "chimp" your images to ensure the speaker's face is in focus.
  • Please shoot primarily in LANDSCAPE with SOME portrait – our web and graphic design utilizes full column width images in horizontal layout.
  • Ensure speaker is often on the FAR right or FAR left of the landscape frame, not slightly off center or centeredSEE EXAMPLE IN SIDE BAR --->  THIS IS ESSENTIAL!  We want to use that extra space for wording in our print materials.
  • Ensure that head/eyes are 1/3 of the way from top of frame for any photos in wide/landscape layout (for responsive web design.)
  • Please shoot a variety of images... some headshots and the vast majority with more of the speaker's torso or full body.
  • We are looking for personality and energy. Have fun.
  • Please seek out settings that provide unique background that are “on brand.
  • No need to look at the camera for all photos (especially situational photos.)

After the Photo Session:

  • We request access to all photos taken during the session to select the images that are most likely to work well with the project (before time is spent on edits.)
  • Please share a dropbox folder or provide access to where we can download the images.  Please provide us with JPGs (300 dpi or larger).


Thank you for your assistance with our marketing project!

Please reach out if you have questions.

Contact Vanessa

Example of speaker positioned to the left 1/3 of the photo.  The right 2/3 is available for wording.  

For EXAMPLES of how your images will be used, please visit our Portfolio webpage.


Additional image examples below...