What is wealth, really?

More than digits in a bank account, wealth is defined by each of us:   measured in time, relationships, experiences and significance.

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What is wealth, really?

More than digits in a bank account, wealth is defined by each of us and measured in time, relationships, experiences and significance.

Go beyond the numbers. Explore your money psychology.

With Shannon Blackmon, CFP®, RLP® as your guide,
transform both your personal measure of wealth and your money mindset.

Refine your financial life vision.
Create a plan for generating the most meaningful and rewarding life that you can imagine.

Reset Your Money Mindset

A Money Energy  Virtual Workshop

Join Vanessa and welcome Certified Financial Planner and Registered Life Planner, Shannon Blackmon, for this life-changing workshop!

Reset Your Money Mindset is a DSI Fellowship Approved Curriculum Course

In this transformational virtual seminar:

  • Experience an in-depth, holistic discovery process to uncover your most important life goals
  • Recognize your core values and consciously change belief systems to avoid self-sabotage
  • Discover the steps to experiencing Flow around money and financial freedom
  • Recognize money memories and receive money mantras
  • Create a values-based One Year Plan to help you create a course of action to put your plan in place.
  • Determine a spending strategy which ensures a comfortable lifestyle while saving for the future
  • Lean into your bright financial future with the knowledge and tools needed for your next steps

Shannon Blackmon, CFP®, RLP® 

The subject of money can provoke a whole range of feelings: pride, guilt, stress, and more.

These feelings often stem from our life experience which results in our ‘money story’ or our personal narrative about money. Shannon Blackmon, CFP®, helps others expand their money mindset and story through her financial wellbeing programs. To not only survive but flourish and live full, prosperous lives is her goal.

Highly trained in financial planning and investment management, Shannon enjoys co-creating custom financial plans with her clients’ well-being at the center. Guiding them through a comprehensive wealth management process, she provides insights into cash flow, net worth, risk management, investments, and philanthropic goals.

Shannon Blackmon

To Register:

Reset Your Money Mindset

A Money Energy Virtual  Workshop

Course size LIMITED to 10 attendees.
Register early.

Friday, September 23

7am-2pm Pacific | 10am – 5pm Eastern

$300 Earlybird Special

thru Sep 15

(Regularly $600)

Plan to be present and available for the full workshop.
Please, no late arrivals or early departures.

Discover how to live comfortably within your means
while on your way to true financial freedom and peace of mind.

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