Conscious Connection Hub


Drop into your heart.

Lean into your gut. 

Learn.  Share.  Expand. 

The Spirit/Busness Collective

Drop into your heart.

Lean into your gut. 

Learn.  Share.  Expand. 

Join the Conscious Connection Collective and recharge.

Learn strategies to keep your heart singing and your compass pointing True North.

Coming:  Summer, 2024

The Conscious Connection Hub Platform

Through a wide range of courses and interactive learning experiences:

Explore sacred philosophies for synchronizing mind, body, spirit, relationship and career/business

Gain wisdom from dozens of self-development experts and each other

Enjoy topic-oriented, education-based networking opportunities

Embrace and cultivate your community of like-minded professionals

Join us in person for the next

Expansion Experience

January 2 - 4, 2025   |   Thurs-Saturday

Jan 2:    9am - Noon pre-event activity
Jan 2:    2- 5pm Opening Session

Jan 3:    6:15 - 7am meditation/yoga (optional)
Jan 3:    9 - Noon and 2 - 5pm Sessions

Jan 4:    6:15 - 7am meditation/yoga (optional)
Jan 4:    9 - Noon Closing Session
Jan 4:    2 - 5pm post-event activity

Phoenix, AZ

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About Conscious Connection Hub:

Education and experiences in the Conscious Connection Hub (CCH) community are designed for professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs, and incorporate the following foundational principles:

  • Awaken consciousness to deepen one's understanding of Self and Source.

  • Practice conscious choice-making, understanding the impact and broader implications.

  • Foster a sense of connection with Divine, aligning the professional and personal through Spirit.

  • Personal development on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - for a balanced and fulfilling life.

  • Connect, share and learn through the CCH platform and supportive community.

You are Light.  You are loved.  We are One.