The Expansion Retreat

Unleash Your Limitless Potential:  
Elevate Self.  Supercharge Health.  Amplify Well-being.

Embark on a powerful personal journey, guided by seasoned experts and thought leaders in the realm of self-development.
Explore diverse topics designed to catalyze expansion in your personal and professional life.
Acquire practical skills and tried-and-true strategies.

Are you ready to embrace transformation?
Connect with a community that mirrors your enthusiasm for conscious living, spiritual connection, and self-improvement.
Join us on the path of continuous expansion and growth!

Join us for this interactive, experiential recharge.

Learn strategies to keep your heart singing and your compass pointing True North.

"This was an EXTRAORDINARY space and time. So different than any other meeting in our industry and so, so needed. You should consider being here next January... before the work begins, before the to-do list takes over, before you make another set of resolutions... come get your "to-be" list aligned. Come expand your consciousness of self and humanity and of the boundless power of bringing our unique gifts to the world. It surprised me (thank you, Vanessa Emerson) and my January 2024 has been better because of this meeting. I suspect my entire year will be."
Katherine Eitel Belt, CSP

"I was so honored and grateful to have been a part of this experience!"
Jen Murphy, DDS

"I'm still reeling after this event! Thank you to every soul that was there and shared so profoundly. Thank you Vanessa Emerson for facilitating a magical transformative experience. I'll be taking the knowledge and your hearts with from here on out."
Brandi Hooker Evans, RDH

"I was honored to be in the room with so many wonderful souls.  Thank you, Vanessa, for creating this unique conference in our industry. Can’t wait to be back in 2025!"
Kristie Boltz

"Such a powerful event. I am so grateful to Vanessa Emerson for being a brilliant light for all of us."
Allison Lacoursiere

"This event was the MOST LOVING AND LIFE-GIVING way to start a new year.
Will you join us next year???"
Kelly Burns

"Words cannot express how grateful I am to have witnessed and captured this beautiful, transformative experience."
Kyra Rahn

"It is hard to put into words what was experienced at Expansion. We felt present, purpose, had no doubt, fear, or self- loathing. It made us wonder what other transformative powers we hold within our own world, within the lives of the people we love, as wake up in excitement of tomorrow. Vanessa's vision was to bring individuals thirsty for growth united with connectedness, and just as important, inspiration. If you are reading this, if you have found your way to this page in this very moment, it is my belief that you need to be reading this. And if that is such, why don’t you join us next year. My ticket is already purchased."
Maggie Augustyn, DDS

Jan 2-4, 2025  |  Phoenix


thru June 30, 2024
(Full Rate:  $695)

Limited Attendance.  Register Early!

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    Drop into your heart.  Breathe.  Join us in Phoenix.