Does Your Website Help You Get Booked?

Your website is likely to be the first stop a meeting planner will make when they want to learn more about your presentations.

Ensure your site is easy to FIND and NAVIGATE. 

Does your website do double or triple duty?  In other words, is this your practice website, your online store, and your speaker’s webpage?

  • If this describes your site, ensure that it’s easy to find your “Meeting Planner” page from every page on your site.
  • Consider splitting to two sites:  One for your practice and one for your speaking businessIt is easier to find you at than at .
  • Purchase the domain name for ( — as well as variations on the name — such as: and Your web hosting company can “point” these domain names to your main site until you are ready to design the “Speaker” website. (See for help.)
  • Utilize search engine optimization to help meeting planners find you.


What should my Meeting Planner page look like? 

Your “Speaker Site” or meeting planner page should:

  • Establish you as an expert
  • Show how you are unique
  • Immediately show what it is you do and how you do it
  • “Speak to their pain”

The site would contain many of the same elements you’ve included in your Speakers Packet.

At the minimum, you’ll want to include:

  • Your name, photo and a “quick get” description of what you do
  • Program titles and mini-synopsis
  • Client testimonials / mini-client list
  • Demo Video
  • Bio
  • Speaking Calendar (past and future)
  • Call to Action and contact information

Follow these Marketing Tips for Dental Speakers, and be sure that your website is doing all it can to help you get booked!