Developing Your Consulting Program

Dental professionals frequently ask:

“How can I get started as a coach, mentor, or consultant?”

Are you a dental professional with years of experience?  Would you like to give back to the industry and simultaneously grow a consulting business?

Many practices would benefit from help with systems, communications, leadership and/or advanced clinical skills. In turning to a consultant, they are looking for an expert with knowledge in a certain area of focus. Could that expert be you?

Dental professionals tend to develop advanced knowledge and skill in their area of focus and become viewed as experts and mentors. They share philosophies, techniques, and best practices with colleagues that would like to emulate their success. They may even be told, “You should consult on this topic.”

There are multiple benefits that attract professionals to consulting including flexible hours, no commute, ability to “be one’s own boss”, and unlimited financial growth potential. More importantly, consulting offers dental professionals an exciting and challenging opportunity for growth.

Steps for Developing YOUR Dental Consulting Service
  • Define Your Niche
    • What problem or challenge do you see in the industry that matches up with your ability to solve that problem?
    • Formulate a strategy around your unique solution.
    • Evaluate your level of expertise in the area. Does your education or past experience position you as an expert?
    • Determine your target market. Who would pay for your services?
  • Determine Your Business Strategy
    • Give consideration to “why” you want to be a consultant. Identify the life you’d like to live and build a business that supports that vision.
    • Create a strategic plan for your business that remains congruent with your life vision.
    • Do research to learn what licensing or certification may be necessary.
    • Meet with your accountant to learn of any special considerations.
  • Develop Your Program Content and Training Skills
    • Accumulate your notes in one location, draft your training module outlines, then continue to develop and refine the information that will become your training program content.
    • Improve your coaching, problem solving, communication and leadership skills.
    • Study and apply adult education techniques – adapt your training content to meet the needs of the learner, thus ensuring the best end result.
    • Identify a mentor. Join a mastermind. Learn from others who have been there/done that and apply their recommendations.
  • Differentiate Yourself and Your Program
    • In a sea of practice management consultants and clinicians providing one-on-one coaching in similar areas, how will your services stand out? It’s important to establish oneself as an expert in your niche area. Email to receive my Differentiation Exercise which can help you determine how to position your services.
  • Discover the Power of Networking
    • One of the best way to become known as a consultant is to network with colleagues, publishers, meeting planners and vendors. The Academy of Dental Management Consultants offers solid opportunities for this networking through member¬ship and attendance at their annual meetings.

Dental consulting is an exciting opportunity that you can customize to meet your career goals. Whether you provide consulting a few hours a month or full time, offer hourly coaching over a shared computer screen or the phone, or travel across the nation to work in-office with your client, the only limitation is your imagination and commitment. Go ahead. Dream big and share your knowledge, improving not only the quality of the practice and patient experience, but also your career.

Originally published by the Academy of Dental Management Consultants



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