So... You Think You Want to Speak in Dentistry?

Want to leverage your dental industry expertise into a career as a speaker . . . and get paid? Do you feel drawn to give back to the profession while you continue to learn and grow? Then this book is for you!
Learn what you need to know to launch and develop a career as a dental speaker in this fast-paced, high impact, how-to guide.
Drawing from 20 years’ experience serving both event planners and speakers/consultants, Vanessa Emerson (Founder of Dental Speaker Institute and Dental Speakers Bureau) shares tips and tools for launching a speaking business that gets you noticed, booked . . . and compensated!


  • Get Vision & Strategy in Place
  • Get Clear About Your Niche
  • Get Ready to Speak
  • Get Into Next Gear
  • Get Booked... and Get Paid!