The Pesky Non-Compete Clause

CK from British Columbia writes:

Vanessa, I just received a contract for a booking for next year. There is a clause in it that states I cannot accept any other speaking engagements in the state for 3 months prior and 3 months after my engagement with them. The state is huge and that limits my ability to speak there for 6 months! What do you suggest?

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Position Yourself as a Thought Leader: Inspire Success While Expanding Your Market

Thought Leadership Marketing is the most effective marketing technique for dental speakers and consultants.   It can bring you new consulting clients, help you book more speaking engagements and sell more product.

Thought leadership campaigns open doors and build trust. It enables businesses to sell without selling. It also provides an opportunity to differentiate your products and services (stand out from the crowd).

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Does Your Website Help You Get Booked?

Your website is likely to be the first stop a meeting planner will make when they want to learn more about your presentations.

Ensure your site is easy to FIND and NAVIGATE. 

Does your website do double or triple duty?  In other words, is this your practice website, your online store, and your speaker’s webpage?Read More