Top 25 Women in Dentistry, 2017

Earlier this week, Dental Products Report unveiled its honorees for the 2017 Top 25 Women in Dentistry.   Thank you, colleagues and clients, for generously nominating me for this prestigious honor.  It is my pleasure to work with you and my greatest joy lies in celebrating your many successes as you grow your speaking and consulting businesses.

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Want to Speak and Consult in Dentistry?

Would you like more from your dental career?  Do you anticipate that your knowledge, skills and experience, if shared, could help other dental professionals and teams reach their goals?   Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a speaker or consultant in dentistry?

With time and experience in the practice, many dental professionals feel they have something to offer and would like to “give back” to dentistry while expanding their careers as business and thoughts leaders.   If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Could I do that?”, read on for pointers on launching your professional speaking and/or consulting business in dentistry.

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When Speaker Needs to Cancel Speaking Engagement

ER from California asks:

I recently spoke for a large national meeting.  By the end of my Friday afternoon session, my throat was feeling a bit dry and hoarse.  I was scheduled to speak the following morning.  However, when I awoke on Saturday I had NO voice… not even a squeak!   I tried everything I could think of:  I steamed my face, drank tea, water, used throat lozenges and nothing worked.  I immediately located the event planners to check in with them.  They realized that I would not be able to present, but had no idea how to resolve this.  We searched the course catalog for other speakers who might be able to speak on this topic but came up with no other options.  Together we opted to cancel the class.  I felt horrible, and still do….  What advice would you give to the speaker and the meeting planner in this situation?

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Cold Calling Meeting Planners

PE of Connecticut asks:

I tried to contact a state dental association Executive Director today to learn more about opportunities to speak for their meetings.   She was out and they gave me her voice mail.   What do you recommend dental speakers do in this situation? Would you leave a voice mail and then follow up with an email, or just send an email?  What is the most effective protocol?

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Securing Sponsorship

Honorariums continue to grow, while dental meeting budgets seem to increase at a slower rate!

Many speakers enjoy relationships with companies who sponsor subject specific presentations. More speakers are reaching out to corporate sponsors to help them bridge the gap between the meeting’s budget and their honorarium. (In this model, the sponsor pays the speaker directly.) Most experienced meeting planners can provide you with a list of the areas in which they are able to provide value for your sponsor.

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Sharing Marketing Materials with Scouts

EM from Arizona writes:

I will be presenting several programs at the upcoming ADA meeting.  That is a great meeting for scouts.  I plan to print copies of my Speaker Packet.   How many would you recommend I print? What kind of paper? Stapled, clipped or in a nice folder (how to display)?  Any other thoughts?

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