Be Current & Relevant: Your Career Depends Upon It!

Speakers love to speak, but do audiences love to listen? If the glow of cell phones fill the room, you are not the center of attention. What happened, after all last year you knocked the ball out of the park with same presentation. What went wrong, was it a tough crowd to please or was it your outdated presentation?

Speakers sometimes take an old presentation, rearrange it, maybe add a few new images and then call it a “new” presentation. But it’s really just a re-hash of the same material delivered in a different package with a new name. Audiences aren’t fooled that easily and soon lose interest .

Audiences want presentations that are current and relevant to them. In order to meet their expectations, speakers need to find out what is going on in their world right now. What are their current pain points and how can speakers help them find solutions.

A past president of the National Speakers Association, Naomi Rhode said that speakers have the “privilege of the platform”. To keep that “privilege” and speakers need to continually update their content, improve their presentation, and hone their delivery.


NOTE:  This presentation is an example of the education we will experience at WEvolution.  We’re sharing a session from our 2022 meeting with you, below.

Thank you, Leslie Canham!

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