Collecting Attendee Email Addresses

DA from Georgia writes:

What is the most effective method for collecting email addresses from the attendees at my presentations?

Thank you for writing, DA!   This is a great question.  One of the easiest methods (and most fun) is to raffle an item and collect “lead intake forms”!

The purpose of the LEAD INTAKE FORM is used to collect e-mail addresses and contact information from attendees who would like to receive your e-mails and/or more information about your programs/services. We want to create an environment where the attendee wants to fill out this form. Following is one way to do this:

  • Draw for a Prize / Giveaway of Value
  • Print enough INTAKE FORMS for each attendee to have one.
  • Distribute the intake forms with the handouts, if possible.
  • Prior to the first break, mention there will be a drawing immediately after the break(s) today (or for those who stay to the end of the program.) Hold up the prize for everyone to see (typically one of your higher-end products, or a gift card for $50 or $100 to Nordstroms, etc.)
  • Explain that you will be pulling a name from a bowl using the form they were given with their handout (hold up the form so they can clearly see it).
    • In order to win the prize, they will need to be sitting back in their seats after the break at exactly (give a random time, such as 10:13 am).
    • And, they will need to complete the form and drop it in the bowl as they leave for the break.
  • Enlist your room host or another helper to stand at the exit doors to gather the forms as the attendees leave the room for break.
  • This works best is the forms are folded twice.
  • I recommend a collapsible travel dog bowl – they fold flat and are easy to pack. (Amazon carries them.)
  • You will typically receive e-mails from at least half the room.
  • Upon your return to the office, be sure to follow up immediately with those asking for more information.
  • Give away ONE PRIZE per break and/or at the end of the course. The LAST prize should be the largest/worth the most.


Lead Intake Sheet (Word)

Lead Intake Sheet (PDF)