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Virtual Sessions

10am-5pm Eastern / 7am - 2pm Pacific

Join fellow AMP members for a full day of education and networking.

Jun 19, 2023:
Tips for Working with Planners & Sponsors
Sep 18, 2023: 
Teaching for Transformation
Guest Expert:  Katherine Eitel Belt
Dec 11, 2023:
Year-End Business Intensive
  • Create a blueprint that moves your business to the next level in the coming year.
  • Review your current business model to discover & explore hidden opportunities.
  • Gain the practical knowledge needed to move opportunities and goals into reality quickly.


2024 Dates:
Mar 18,  Jun 17,  Sep 16, Dec 16

Office Hours

First Thursday (11am - 12:30pm Eastern)
Third Tuesday (5 - 6:30pm Eastern)
Schedule may flex
Sessions will be recorded

Q&A / Mastermind


Jul 6 (11am Eastern); Jul 18 (5pm Eastern)

Aug 3 (11am Eastern); Aug 15 (5pm Eastern)

Sep 7 (11am Eastern); Sep 19 (5pm Eastern)

Oct 5 (11am Eastern); Oct 17 (5pm Eastern)

Nov 2 (11am Eastern); Nov 21 (5pm Eastern)

Dec 5 (11 am Eastern); Dec 19 (5pm Eastern)